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Photo courtesy of sfgreendrinks.com

There are ways to be eco-friendly all year round. Some of the most common ways are by turning off lights, taking shorter showers and using reusable water bottles. But did you know there are different ways to be eco-friendly depending on the season? Earth Share, an environmental activist website, shares dozens of ways to stay eco-friendly during each season.

With summer changing into fall, there are different things we can do to stay green. We can also encourage our children to help out with some of the following “green” activities.

Photo courtesy of Fab and Fru

Photo courtesy of Fab and Fru

Green yard work tips 

When brown, red and orange leaves are covering the yard, it’s easy to pick up a leaf blower and gather  them into a neat pile. However, not only are leaf blowers more expensive than rakes, they also emit dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. Have your kids help gather the leaves by buying them rakes. Raking the yard is also a good way for the kids to get some exercise! If you need to use a leaf blower for hard to reach places such as the roof or gutter, use an electric leaf blower, which won’t emit the dangerous chemicals.

Instead of packing the leaves into plastic bags and sending them to the dump, compost them! You can mix the leaves, branches and plant clippings with kitchen compost to create nutritious soil for your yard.

Back to school

As your kids are going back to school, encourage them to save markers, crayons, pencils and other art supplies. If you live in an area where there is no bus service provided, take turns with other parents to carpool the kids to school. You can also visit Carpooltoschool.com to find local, safe carpooling help.

When packing your child’s lunch, use a lunchbox or canvas bag instead of a paper bag. Not only will this save you money, but it will also save some trees. However, when choosing a lunchbox, remember that some lunchboxes contain harmful chemicals such as PVCs.

When the kids get back from school, make sure they spend time outside the house. Too many kids go home and sit themselves in front of the TV or computer. When kids connect with nature, they will become more aware of the problems happening in the atmosphere. Teach your kids as much as you can about earth, and encourage them to spread the word about being green.


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