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Happy Hallow-green!

Photo courtesy of green-mom.com

Photo courtesy of green-mom.com

Kids, teens and adults love Halloween! Halloween is not only an expensive holiday, getting candy, making costumes, having parties, it is also a holiday that is not so eco-friendly. In fact, the candy you distribute to trick-or-treaters, the costumes you buy and the decorations you use are all bad for the environment. Luckily, there are many things you can do to prevent harming Mother Nature.

Trick or treating-or-treating

Many Halloween costumes available in stores and/or online contain conventional toxic dyes that pollute waterways, and petroleum-based products that require oil drilling. Instead of investing in a new Halloween costume, which will cost money and is not eco-friendly, reuse or recycle an old Halloween costume. You can make a new costume from old clothes and interesting products you find around the house.

Individual pieces of candy which are packaged in single wrappers are not only unhealthy, but also not eco-friendly. Ask them to come up with healthy, earth-friendly treats your family can give out on Halloween instead of traditional candy.  You can give out pennies for UNICEF, raisins with recycled packaging, erasers, pencils or temporary tattoos. Not only are these treats more eco-friendly, they also promote healthier lifestyles than candy.

Another way to stay green during trick-or-treating is to give your children a pillow case or reusable bucket to collect their candy.

Photo courtesy of theexpressionist.com

Photo courtesy of theexpressionist.com

Green decorations 

Instead of spending tons of money on Halloween decorations that will end up in the trash come November, opt for natural decorations such as squash, corn, pumpkins and other fall vegetables. Children can have fun creating decorations by making jack-o-lanterns from the pumpkins.

Another craft kids may enjoy is making a scarecrow. You can buy straw from your local Home Depot or Lowes. Use an old flannel shirt and jeans to dress him or her up. Making your scarecrow is a fun and eco-friendly craft for kids.

Green party

If you are having a Halloween party, send electronic invitations. Buy some compostable plates and utensils for guests. You can also go to your local Goodwill or thrift shop and purchase different pieces of cloth to use as napkins. You can wash the cloths and reuse them at your next party.

Make sure you tell your party guests to recycle cans and bottles, and compost leftovers.

When Halloween is over, compost your jack-o-lanterns, vegetable decorations and the straw you used to make your scarecrow.


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