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Animal Jam Saves The World!

The National Geographic Kid’s website offers children many ways to learn, have fun and interact with other users on the Internet. One of the websites most popular games is called Animal Jam. On Animal Jam, kids can choose an animal to create their own character. They can also create their own den, or living space.

The story behind Animal Jam is that a bunch of evil nemeses took over a world called Jamma. Jamma was a happy place, where animals were free. Now, all the animals are trapped. The players of the game must save all the animals before the evil nemeses destroy the world.

The players are brought to different ecological environments to play mini games. During their adventure in each ecosystem, interesting facts pop up.  Players can earn points by gathering the interesting facts.

Animal Jam, which was launched in 2010, grew 500 percent and already has millions of players throughout the world. It is one of the largest and fastest growing online games for children. One reason why the game is such a hit is because it does not allow advertisers to promote their businesses on the site (AnimalJam.com).

Animal Jam is a great way for National Geographic to bring children to their computers while still educating them at the same time.

“As we set out to develop this virtual world, it was important for us to give kids and their parents the opportunity to combine fun game play, personal discovery and exploration with real-world learning, much like the experiences of our own explorers,” said Paul Levine, executive vice president, Interactive Platforms Group, National Geographic Global Media. “A true example of entertainment with substance, National Geographic Animal Jam marries the creativity of veteran game designers with National Geographic’s award-winning storytelling, media assets and global reach to give kids a sense of self-expression and adventure unlike any other online destination.” –PR Newswire


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