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The National Geographic Society as a whole is very good at targeting their audiences through the use of social media. There is a Facebook and Twitter page for each National Geographic brand including Traveller, the magazine, the channel and even Kids. There are also Pinterest pages for some of the National Geographic brands such as the channel, the magazine and Nat Geo kids UK.

While the National Geographic Society takes advantage of using free social media websites to connect with their specific audiences, they also have a very user-friendly website. They have a main website for the Society, which has links to the specific brands’ websites.

National Geographic Kids’ social media websites and main website are interesting cased because they are targeted to different publics. National Geographic Kids’ main target is children. But the children don’t have social media website such as Facebook and Twitter, so they need to target their social media to the children’s parents. For example, the National Geographic Kids Facebook page posts statuses about ideas for children’s birthday parties. The Twitter page tweets about the same type of information, and also targets parents of children who read Nat Geo Kids.

The website for National Geographic Kids is different from the social media sites because it is actually targeted toward children, not parents. The site has many different ways for children to interact with the brand, such as quizzes, games, blogs and contests. The National Geographic Kids website is fun, and educational for children. They can learn about animals, insects, countries and other exciting things.


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